Get Off Internet Marketing Merry-Go-Round

Casaofcash Gets Off of Internet Marketing Merry Go Round


Whew, is what I feel like when I hear and see all of the online marketing business offers! There is so much out there from social media marketing to video marketing and everything in between. I had to stop and take a look around when I began to rebuild this site and noticed that for beginners as well as some seasoned pros, the very tried and true principles of Internet Marketing was being overlooked and replaced with many offers of “Get Rich Quick”

Are you still looking for that elusive make money online blueprint? Have you been chasing the latest and greatest internet marketing program with no results? Well, you are not alone! While sat with a filled up MySQL Database, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Local Marketing blueprints and solutions have come on the scene like gangbusters! Of course these marketing avenues are profitable and are a necessity for almost any business whether online or offline, so kudos to the online marketers revealing these all important programs to help others make money!

But wait, there have been a number of people who have expressed their desire to earn money online and have bought many online marketing products, but still have a hard time implementing the processes that makes the product work! Does this sound like you? You have been buying internet marketing eBooks, reports, videos and others, but still no progress?  If  this sounds familiar, then we are going to get off of the internet marketing merry go round and grab the brass ring here on the improved!

After six years of marketing online from affiliate marketing to socail media marketing, there was a pattern of events that had to take place in every revenue stream. And what was that? The basics of Iinternet Marketing and this is where comes back to help those who seem stuck! Be sure to sign-up in the box to the right to get your roadmap on “How To Get Off The Internet Marketing Merry-Go-Round” coming this week! Stay tuned for more updates here on!

So if you are ready to put those Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and other Internet Marketing programs to work & get off the Online Marketing Merry-Go-Round, join us today and let’s grab that brass ring!



Don’t Call It A Casaofcash Comeback

What happened to your blog Questions like these have been circling my environs for over some months now! The answer is, it’s never left! Yes, I know there have not been many posts lately, but due to the expanding use of social networks like Twitter and Facebook, blogging and mini blogging is more prevalent there than on individual blogs.

Now, it more important than ever to have your blog interact with social networks, just to get your word out in more than a 140 characters.  As a result, we have to take our over 5 year old WordPress site with 40 plus WordPress plugins and streamline it to handle the demands of the modern internet! Currently, we have three PHP applications sharing this one tiny MySQL database. So this is our first task, install WordPress site into it’s own MySQL database. Next, which will have pre planning before new database install, is to trim down the plugins. This is a tough one, because some plugins have a built-in sense of security that gives you pause when you think about not using them, like King Framework plugins. Then interaction with the social networks!

Anyway, just to let the world know, that we are still here and on the move again and will keep you updated with marketing, networking and social media happenings!

The Difference Between Autoresponder Programs and Services

Marketing NetworkMany newcomers to the Internet marketing business are not aware that there is a huge difference between an autoresponder program and an autoresponder service. Not knowing the difference, they often purchase the wrong type of autoresponder, and later finds out too late, that they have wasted money on a program that is useless to them.

An autoresponder program is a program that is set up on your hosts web server. This is usually a free autoresponder that comes with your web hosting account. Many people don’t like to use hosts’ autoresponder services since many come with limitations such as the number of members allowed. So instead, they use an autoresponder program that they have more control over. Some of those people don’t like the autoresponder programs that come with their hosting accounts either and purchase autoresponder or email marketing management programs or scripts that must be installed on their web server.

Other people are quite happy with using an autoresponder service. This is a service that is usually paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. Today’s autoresponder services are fully contained email marketing management services. In other words, not only do they contain autoresponders, but also email newsletter management. The fees are ongoing, and everything is browser based. Browser based services allows you to set up your autoresponder messages and manage your opt-in list through your web browser, just as you can with an autoresponder program that is installed through your web hosting account. The difference is that the service runs on the autoresponder service provider’s web server, not yours or your web hosts.

Beginners are usually better off using an autoresponder service. These services are very easy to understand and to use, and in most cases no technical knowledge is needed to set things up. As a newcomer to the internet marketing business, however, you might be concerned about the costs of an autoresponder service. If this is the case, you want to consider signing up with a free autoresponder service.

Autoresponders are an essential component to the email marketing aspect of maintaining and growing your email lists. As often stated, “the money is in the list”.

WordPress Feeds The Clouds

rssclouds by Jacky Brown Finally, getting around to working with PubSubHubbub and RssCloud. There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding RSS feeds cloud concept. While in the middle of really narrowing down the WordPress to Twitter plugins, which I will expound upon later, and upgrading other blogs, RSS clouds bursts upon the scene!

Now enter the RSS Clouds. Cloud computing is growing in popularity and now RSS feeds are taking  to the clouds. This is why I love the WordPress platform, it makes adopting new technology and features a snap! Thanks to the generous contributions by developers of plugins and the WordPress Team, new technology implementations are relatively simple to adopt. Hooray, for WordPress plugin authors, developers and WordPress!

This post is simply to utilize the WordPress plugin for PubSubHubbub in order to check it’s functionality.  PubSubHubbub is a protocol that pings a “hub” that allow subscribers to receive feed notifications almost in real time and more efficiently. More information regarding the usage and technical specifications of PubSubHubbub can be found here and if you want to download the PubSubHubbub WordPress plugin click here. Stay tuned there will be more about RSS in the clouds!

Blog Redesign for Spring

Wow, this twitter thing is really catching on and requires some actual interaction, time! Now it is time to get this blog looking and acting like the web 2.0 it is. Since the initial concept for this wordpress blog about internet marketing, the internet has evolved with more and more web 2.0 applications and blogs must also be able to utilize web 2.0 content a little better in order to stay current.

Some of the first steps to take will be the appearance, wordpress plugins, and web 2.0 content displays. One of the greatest benefits to having a wordpress blog is the access to wordpress plugins that basically allows your blog to do almost anything you want. The challenge is to get it look like you want it to.

When this blog started I wanted it to behave as a content management system after having tested Joomla, Typo3, and others. There was a lot of potential in WordPress with the access to free themes and plugins to be more than a blog. So I started with a three-column design, static front page and wanted plugins for SEO, AdSense and Shopping carts for internet marketing. Needless to say, I went wordpress plugins crazy! Tested many plugins and found new ones almost everyday! Just want to say Thank You to all of the WordPress Plugins Developers. Continue reading