WordPress Feeds The Clouds

rssclouds by Jacky Brown Finally, getting around to working with PubSubHubbub and RssCloud. There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding RSS feeds cloud concept. While in the middle of really narrowing down the WordPress to Twitter plugins, which I will expound upon later, and upgrading other blogs, RSS clouds bursts upon the scene!

Now enter the RSS Clouds. Cloud computing is growing in popularity and now RSS feeds are taking  to the clouds. This is why I love the WordPress platform, it makes adopting new technology and features a snap! Thanks to the generous contributions by developers of plugins and the WordPress Team, new technology implementations are relatively simple to adopt. Hooray, for WordPress plugin authors, developers and WordPress!

This post is simply to utilize the WordPress plugin for PubSubHubbub in order to check it’s functionality.  PubSubHubbub is a protocol that pings a “hub” that allow subscribers to receive feed notifications almost in real time and more efficiently. More information regarding the usage and technical specifications of PubSubHubbub can be found here and if you want to download the PubSubHubbub WordPress plugin click here. Stay tuned there will be more about RSS in the clouds!

Blog Redesign for Spring

Wow, this twitter thing is really catching on and requires some actual interaction, time! Now it is time to get this blog looking and acting like the web 2.0 it is. Since the initial concept for this wordpress blog about internet marketing, the internet has evolved with more and more web 2.0 applications and blogs must also be able to utilize web 2.0 content a little better in order to stay current.

Some of the first steps to take will be the appearance, wordpress plugins, and web 2.0 content displays. One of the greatest benefits to having a wordpress blog is the access to wordpress plugins that basically allows your blog to do almost anything you want. The challenge is to get it look like you want it to.

When this blog started I wanted it to behave as a content management system after having tested Joomla, Typo3, and others. There was a lot of potential in WordPress with the access to free themes and plugins to be more than a blog. So I started with a three-column design, static front page and wanted plugins for SEO, AdSense and Shopping carts for internet marketing. Needless to say, I went wordpress plugins crazy! Tested many plugins and found new ones almost everyday! Just want to say Thank You to all of the WordPress Plugins Developers. Continue reading

WordPress 2.7 Release

WordPress.org has released WordPress version 2.7 and boy did they change the backend! The admin interface appears to be more streamlined for ease of access to many of the options that were accessible in the nested top navigation bar, very web 2.0. The navigation to most of the functions of your WordPress blog now appears in the left sidebar.

wordpress 2.7 sidebar

wordpress 2.7 sidebar

There are changes to the entire style of the admin interface that you will have to experience for yourself to get true feel of it’s sleek functionality.

As with any update be sure to back up your current wordpress blog prior to upgrading, especially if you have added plug-ins. You primarily want to back up the wordpress database that holds your data and then back-up your version that you are currently using. One such WordPress plugin that backs up your database is WP-DB-Backup. Install the backup plugin to the current version before upgrading. Of course there are many other plugins available for WordPress which makes it a great blog tool!

WordPress upgrades also address security issues as well as visual enhancements so don’t forget to upgrade!

WordPress Shuts Down Marketers

Soren Jordansen has an excellent post about how affiliate marketers using WordPress hosted blogs being shut down. You can always use your own hosting like 1and1.com and host your own wordpress blog. There is currently a 1and1 special offer of 50% off so don’t get your blog shut down, get your own hosting and have as many blogs as you can manage!


Stop Spamming Blog Services

Do you know if you are spamming blog services and directories like technorati and others? Well you might be spamming and not even know it. If you use wordpress blog pinging services, each time that you write a post and publish it, a ping goes out to those services in your list. Suppose that you forgot to add an image or like many, forget to insert your adsense code, you will have to edit that published post and save it again. Now, when this edited post is saved, wordpress will ping these services again that can look like spam to these blog services and directories. After many of these publish and re-edit sessions, those blog services and directories just may consider you a spammer and stop crawling your blog. If your blog is labeled as a spam by these services and directories, there will be less visitors, less traffic and possibly loss of earnings potential.

Here is the solution to keep your wordpress blog from becoming labeled as spam, MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer.

MaxPressBlog Ping Optimizer

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plugin for wordpress takes the guess work out of if you are pinging blog services and directories too much that might be considered spam! Continue reading