WordPress Feeds The Clouds

rssclouds by Jacky Brown Finally, getting around to working with PubSubHubbub and RssCloud. There has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding RSS feeds cloud concept. While in the middle of really narrowing down the WordPress to Twitter plugins, which I will expound upon later, and upgrading other blogs, RSS clouds bursts upon the scene!

Now enter the RSS Clouds. Cloud computing is growing in popularity and now RSS feeds are taking  to the clouds. This is why I love the WordPress platform, it makes adopting new technology and features a snap! Thanks to the generous contributions by developers of plugins and the WordPress Team, new technology implementations are relatively simple to adopt. Hooray, for WordPress plugin authors, developers and WordPress!

This post is simply to utilize the WordPress plugin for PubSubHubbub in order to check it’s functionality.  PubSubHubbub is a protocol that pings a “hub” that allow subscribers to receive feed notifications almost in real time and more efficiently. More information regarding the usage and technical specifications of PubSubHubbub can be found here and if you want to download the PubSubHubbub WordPress plugin click here. Stay tuned there will be more about RSS in the clouds!